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Building a Social Muscle via Mediation

Uncommon Ground | Nov 5, 2020

Adversarial behaviours dominate our lives, but the culture of collaboration is growing. Justice Kurian Joseph, Sriram Panchu and Rohini Nilekani discuss how mediation can help society find common ground. Moderated by Krishna Udayasankar

Although the culture of competitive and adversarial dominates, the culture of collaboration and win/win is slowly finding a voice. In these times of great dissonance, the shift to view disagreements as opportunities for engagement that can reiterate similarities rather than differences must be encouraged. This discussion will focus on the need to build a ‘social muscle’ that will facilitate the transformation of conflict and dissonance into creative impetus for change. The discussion will also focus on addressing some fundamental (mis) perceptions about mediation and throw light on the popular understanding of mediation based on the surveys that have been conducted to understand the disputes market better.

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