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Love, not log frames

Gautam John, Director of Strategy, Rohini Nilekani Philanthropies, on how philanthropy needs an overhaul, from narrow illusions of control to promoting empathy and agency. We will likely remember 2020 for three things. The year the phrase ‘you are on mute’ went mainstream. The year we want to forget, and not view in hindsight. And the […]

Jan 14, 2021 | Article

Nandan and Rohini Nilekani; A Conversation with Badr Jafar

The Business of Philanthropy – Examples of questions explored in this interview with renowned philanthropists Nandan and Rohini Nilekani, conducted by Badr Jafar: Are there some golden rules for strategic #philanthropy? How is technology changing the philanthropic sector? How will COVID-19 impact our ability to achieve the #SDGs by 2030? What are the current trends […]

Jan 11, 2021 | Interview

India Inc: Lending a Helping Hand

Philanthropist Rohini Nilekani, who donated Rs 47 crore of her personal wealth, feels the rich in India need to open their purses more. Noted philanthropist and chairperson of Arghyam Foundation Rohini Nilekani feels the philanthropy sector changed during the coronavirus pandemic as members of civil society donated generously. However, she is of the opinion that […]

Jan 9, 2021 | Article

A Conversation With Philanthropist Rohini Nilekani

Once you have become curious, once you have become connected – remain committed. This is a long journey. We need perseverance. Rohini Nilekani is easily one of the biggest names in Indian philanthropy, though she will strongly disagree. Her work over the last two decades has been instrumental in bringing meaningful socio-economic and developmental changes […]

Jan 9, 2021 | Interview

Innovation in Public Spaces: Bengaluru and the Republic of Zoom

Covid-19 was in many ways the Chief Transformation Officer to a digital world. It has been no different in the public spaces for discussions, theatre, museums, galleries, films, music and more. Many Bengaluru Public Institutions innovated during the pandemic period to stay relevant and connected. This discussion will focus on their experiences. Covid-19 impacted the […]

Dec 28, 2020 | Panel

My Philanthropic Journey: How I Learnt to Stop Worrying and Embrace Failure

Rohini Nilekani in conversation with Vidya Shah, Chairperson & CEO, EdelGive Foundation at EDGE 2020 Transcript 0:00:00.0 Vidya: Thank you Nagma, and welcome again dear friends to EDGE 2020. I’m really excited to have this conversation this evening with Rohini Nilekani, who which I think is an apt finale to EDGE 2020. I read somewhere […]

Dec 17, 2020 | Interview

“Gandhi’s timeless inspiration to Mission Leaders” with Ramachandra Guha

Through his interaction moderated by Rohini Nilekani, we hope you will come away with a deeper understanding of how Gandhi shaped his intent and life to fulfil his various goals – of individual freedom and agency, a true Swarajya and how he achieved impact at scale. Many of the choices he grappled with are relevant […]

Dec 8, 2020 | Interview

Keynote address at TiE Global Summit 2020: Scaling fast – Social Entrepreneurship in India

Rohini’s speech at the TiE Summit 2020 where she talks about Societal Platform Thinking, and the need for restoring agency to create a more resilient Samaaj.     Namaste, everyone. Thank you to the TiE team for inviting me to deliver this keynote. TiE does amazing work at binding the energy of entrepreneurship to the […]

Dec 8, 2020 | Keynote

The Post-COVID-19 Equilibrium: Philanthropy’s Role in Shaping a ‘New Normal

As COVID-19 continues to reverberate across the world, there are no guarantees that the post-pandemic equilibrium will be more equitable, just, or resilient than the world we face today. We are at a pivotal moment to deliberate on philanthropy’s responsibility in shaping this new equilibrium. In December 2020, the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust […]

Dec 8, 2020 | Panel