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Rohini Nilekani on Technology and Education

This is an edited version of Rohini Nilekani’s interview on the importance of digital-led education and early childhood learning, on Pratham’s 25th anniversary. Every child deserves education as a fundamental right in this country. But even today, we are not able to guarantee that right for all the children in India. The journey of bringing […]

Mar 9, 2020 | Interview

ASER 2019 Launch

 This is an edited version of Rohini Nilekani’s conversation with Pratham co-founder, Dr. Madhav Chavan, on the ASER 2019 report. It’s been 20 years since I have been part of the Pratham family, and when we started our work in Karnataka what I enjoyed most was working at the Balwadis with the children and […]

Jan 24, 2020 | Interview

Interview: What Shall We Do With All This Money?

Published transcript of an interview with Rohini Nilekani and Jayesh Parekh (Author), in What Shall We Do With All This Money? – Inspiring perspectives on Wealth PDF

Dec 6, 2019 | Interview

Our Cities, Our Rivers: Re-imagining the Relationship

As 1.3 billion people seek better lives in a monsoon-dependent economy, the white and green revolutions may have produced grains and milk, but water is in some parts of India today more expensive and less accessible than milk. Ground water resources are depleting. NIITI Ayog sees a crisis by 2020. Where do we stand? How […]

Feb 9, 2019 | Interview

India’s Uber Rich: How they Should Behave.

Rohini Nilekani in conversation with Vikram Singh Mehta at Times Lit Fest-Delhi 2016.   Transcript 00:10 Vikram Singh Mehta: The topic that we are gonna talk about is somewhat provocative topic, “The uber-rich, how should they behave?” And I say it’s provocative because it’s very difficult to even understand the word, uber-rich. What does that […]

Dec 23, 2016 | Interview

Even Expediency Should Not Violate Decency

Ramakrishna Hegde talks about Janata dissensions, the governance of Karnataka, his own political views and his health. By Rohini Nilekani and Vir Sanghvi. View PDF

Aug 1, 1984 | Interview

Ghasiram Kotwal – An Inconclusive Muddle

SUDDENLY, eight years after it had first been performed, Ghasiram Kotwal was in the news again. Bombay’s theatre world watched, stunned, as a dispute that everyone thought had been settled forever, grabbed the headlines last fortnight. Contributing to a sense of deja vu was the fact that the opposing sides in the dispute were old […]

Oct 21, 1980 | Interview